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Twilight Camp thrives because of volunteers! Available positions include walking den leaders, administrative staff, event staff, program staff, and more!

We also need youth volunteers. Youth aged 14-17 are junior staffers! Youth aged 11-13 can attend as a helper to their parent.

A note for parents of Tigers (entering 1st grade in fall 2019): BSA requires all Tigers to have a parent or guardian with the boy at all times. These are called Tiger adult partners. Tiger adult partners must register for camp as a volunteer but are exempted from some volunteer requirements only if they are not also serving as a walking den leader. Read on for details.

Volunteer requirements summary table

BSA and the Texas Youth Camp Safety and Health Act require all staff and Tiger adult partners to fulfill several requirements. The following table breaks down what is required. Please also review the details below this table.

ItemAdult staffJunior staff (ages 14-17)Youth helper (ages 11-13)Tiger partner
Register for campRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
BSA member(see below)(see below)(see below)Optional
Health formRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Adult In Camp Compliance FormRequiredNot neededNot neededRequired
Youth Protection TrainingRequiredNot neededNot neededRecommended but optional
Volunteer AgreementRequiredRequiredRequiredRequired
Twilight Camp training sessionRequiredRequiredRecommended but optionalRecommended but optional

Register for camp

Required for: everyone

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Current BSA membership

Required for: administrative staff, leads of specific stations
Optional for: everyone else

If you are not a BSA member, you can become a leader with your son’s Scout unit. If you do not have a current membership, you will be supervised by someone who is a member.

Super fun forms

Several forms are required to comply with Texas law and BSA camp standards. They are described in the next several sections.

Health form

Required for: everyone

Turn in a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record parts A & B that’s dated on or after June 7, 2018. Doctor’s visit (part C) not required.

The form must include your original signature. If you give us a copy, please re-sign the copy. Must also have parent’s signature if you are under 18.

Current vaccination record is required:

  • Under 18: Include a copy of the vaccination record from your doctor or fill out shot records by hand.
  • Age 18 and over: The only shot you need to document is the tetanus shot. Just put the date you received it. You must have received this shot in the last ten years.

If you have health insurance, include a copy of the front and back of a current insurance card.

Adult In Camp Compliance form

Required for: adult staff

Print and sign the Adult In Camp Compliance Form.

Volunteer Agreement form

Required for: everyone

Print and sign the Volunteer Agreement.

Youth Protection Training

Required for: adult staff
Optional for: Tiger adult partners

This is required by Texas law and BSA standards. All adult staff members must present evidence of completion for either of:

  • RECOMMENDED: The new online Youth Protection Training course at my.scouting.org. You will be emailed a certificate shortly after course completion. Print and bring that certificate with you.
  • BACKUP: Face to Face Youth Protection Training (F2FYPT) certificate that expires after June 7, 2019 and has Texas YC06-0014 on it.

Online training done before March 13, 2018 cannot be accepted. It is an older version of the training that does not meet Texas law requirements for this camp.

While Youth Protection is optional for Tiger adult partners. you are still requested to do it if possible.

Mandatory Twilight Camp training

Required for: adult staff, junior staff
Optional for: youth helpers, Tiger adult partners

This is required by Texas law and BSA standards. We will offer two training sessions. All staff aged 14 and older must attend either session:

  • Wednesday, May 29, 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM
  • Saturday, June 1, 9 AM – 10:15 AM

Both are at Ridgewood Park United Methodist Church (map).

While training is optional for Tiger adult partners, they are requested to attend if feasible.

Pay for t-shirt if not working entire week

One t-shirt is free for volunteers working all five days. You will pay for your camp t-shirt only if working four or fewer days. You will pay this when you register for camp. T-shirts are $10.

Camp setup and cleanup

Setup: All volunteers who need to set up for camp should do so on Sunday, June 2, 3 PM – 5 PM. Please avoid major setup on Monday, the first day of camp. The very beginning of camp is a major crunch time for us, and we need to focus on getting kids checked in and starting that day’s sessions.

Cleanup: All volunteers are requested to attend the camp cleanup on Saturday, June 8, 9 AM. We need to leave the facility as clean as we found it!

Daily cleanup: All volunteers will be asked to do a daily cleanup chore once or twice during the camp. We’ll go over this during the training session. It will mainly be to make sure that easily-soiled areas, like bathrooms, stay clean.

Staff manual

The staff manual is available at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qN6BF0SA3-x_82UGeUVIU9IO2s0wypaGgsjbDRXjb1A/edit?usp=sharing.