Register Now

When registering, enter your camper’s pack number. If your camper is not yet a Cub Scout, that’s OK. More details for them are below.

Registration-related stuff

Sunday, June 2 T-shirt pickup and health form dropoff

Prevent first-day delays: On Sunday, June 2, 3:30 PM – 5 PM, stop by Ridgewood Park United Methodist Church (map) to drop off health forms, complete other needed paperwork, and pick up t-shirts.

Medical form required

Parents must complete a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record parts A & B (en Español) for each camper with:

  • Current, complete vaccination record. A copy of the latest printout from your camper’s doctor is best. If you cannot get that, fill in everything on the Immunizations section on part B.
  • A copy of the front and back of your insurance card if you have health insurance.
  • Your original signature. It’s fine if you want to give us a copy. Just re-sign the copy.
  • Less than a year old. The form must be dated after June 7, 2018.

Doctor’s visit (part C) not needed.

Not a Cub Scout? No sweat!

If your child is not currently a Cub Scout, you must also add a $19.25 prorated Cub Scout membership. This covers your child’s national BSA membership through the end of 2019.

During registration, when asked to enter a pack number, instead select Friend of Council.

At camp, we’ll need you to fill out a Cub Scout membership application.

If you are interested, we’d love to help your child find a local pack for continued Cub Scout involvement.

Entering 1st grade (Tiger)

For children entering 1st grade (Tigers) in fall 2019, an adult partner, typically a parent, must attend with the child.

The Texas Youth Camp Safety and Health Act requires the Tiger’s adult partner to meet a few of the requirements of adult volunteers. See the Volunteers page for what this means.

Adult volunteers (we need you!)

Parents, we need adult volunteers. This means you! See the volunteers page for more info.


See the refund policy for details and procedure.

Camp procedures

Clothing and footwear requirements

Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. Participants may get wet during some activities.

Wear the provided camp t-shirt every day. One shirt provided with registration. You may order more during registration. Participants cannot attend camp without this shirt.

Athletic shoes are preferred. Open-toed shoes are OK only if they fit securely (no loose-fitting or slip on shoes like flip flops, clogs, or Crocs).

Sunscreen and bug spray

Campers will be outdoors for around half of each camp day, although this can vary. Sunscreen and bug spray are at your discretion. Apply before drop off. We will not apply these to children at camp.

Water bottle required each day

All participants must bring a water bottle. Write your Scout’s name on it.


Please take care of all medical needs outside of camp, if possible. If medications are needed to be at camp, all medications must be in the original container, have the camper’s name and dosage instructions, and will be turned in to the camp health officer upon check in. Medications to treat acute conditions, such as asthma inhalers or EpiPen, can be kept with the camper only with the health officer’s knowledge.

Pickup/dropoff times

Please drop off your camper no later than 5:55 PM. Walk with your camper to the sign in station. Camp starts at 6 PM.

Pickup is at 9 PM. Pickup is directly from your camper’s den leader.

If someone other than a parent is to pick up a child, the parent must make Jay Small, camp director, aware in advance.

Eat before camp and snack stand

No meals will be served. Eat beforehand.

We may have a snack stand with yummy treats, but these are not a dinner replacement! Send cash if you want your child to have the yummy treats.